ACF Annual Report 2018-2019

It has been an amazing year for the Africa-Canada Forum and its members. As such, we are proud to present the ACF 2018-2019 Annual Report highlighting the work of its 42 members. It includes the group’s main activities, list of members and financial report.

Among all the milestones that we have reached, we can highlight the following collective work of the ACF:

Academics Collaborations & Learning activities:

Member-led Annual Meeting:

  • Organized the Annual General Meeting, with 49 people from 34 organizations. Key presentations focused on the situation of Human Rights defenders, in particular the rise of attacks targeting feminists and LGBTQI+ communities in Africa; and on the challenges in the field and at home of working in fragile and conflict-affected contexts.

Government relations & policy advocacy:

  • Organized the highly successful Joint Dialogue between the Africa-Canada Forum Dialogue and Global Affairs Canada, with the participation of 90 people, including 45 ACF members. The main goal of these exchanges is to create a space where ACF and GAC can discuss and collaborate on issues related to Africa, leveraging expertise on both sides. A joint ACF-GAC report was published following the dialogue. Download the report here.

Sector-wide campaign

Click here to download the ACF 2018-2019 Annual Report

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