APWG 2018-2019 Annual Report

It has been an amazing year for the Asia-Pacific Working Group and its members. As such, we are proud to present the APWG 2018-2019 Annual Report to its 24 members. It includes the group’s main activities, list of members and financial report.

Among all the milestones that we have reached, we can highlight the following collective work of APWG:

 Academic collaborations & learning activities

  • Launched collaborative research between the APWG-Philippines subgroups and the University of Toronto;
  • Held the documentary screening and panel discussion “Five Years After the Storm: The Humanitarian-Development Nexus in Practice”, in partnership with Development & Peace, and the CICC-CASID Next Generation Program;
  • In collaboration with the CCIC-CASID Next Gen program, held a joint learning event on “Humanitarian Aid & Development in Palestine”;

Government relations & policy advocacy:

  • Ongoing policy recommendations and advocacy regarding the deterioration of human rights in the Philippines and the rise of extra-judicial killings and militarisation of the country;
  • Ongoing discussions with GAC’s Asia-Pacific Branch and its Southeast Asia bureau to determine the framework and themes for the upcoming APWG-GAC Joint Dialogue scheduled for June 25 & 26 2019;

Sector-wide campaign

  • Actively supported the Canadian Network on Corporate Accountability and the campaign calling for the creation of an independent human rights Ombudsperson for Canada’s international extractive sector.

Click here to download the APWG 2018-2019 Annual Report.

Original post published on June 3, 2019, at CCIC website: https://ccic.ca/apwg-2018-2019-annual-report/

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