Yogurt cake

It is an economical cake that is made with a yogurt container (200g) that also serves as the measurement cup for the other ingredients. INGREDIENTS 1 yogurt of any flavor 3 eggs 3 measures of flour mixed with two little spoons of baking powder. 1 measure of sugar ½ (half) measure of canola/sunflower oil A… Continue reading Yogurt cake

Queque de Chocolate liviano

INGREDIENTES: – 2 ½ tazas de harina. (*Puede ser una combinación de harina blanca, harina integral, harina de arroz y/o maicena, siempre con una 1 taza de harina blanca como mínimo. Mi sugerencia es 1 taza de harina blanca, ¾ taza de maicena, ½ taza de harina integral y ¼ taza de harina de arroz)… Continue reading Queque de Chocolate liviano