FROM COMMITMENT TO ACTION: the crucial role of adult learning and education to address current crises

The Civil Society Forum “Education 2030: From Commitment to Action” organized by ICAE, friends and partners, in the framework of the CONFINTEA VI Mid-Term Review in Suwon 24 October, looked at civil society’s contribution to securing the right to education and lifelong learning for youth and adults. 


For civil society, this gathering offered the possibility to appraise the challenges and opportunities related to adult education and learning in the current context, profile the importance of adult learning and education in the new global education and development agenda, and confront the challenges related to its implementation on both the national and the global levels. The CSF looked at the Belém Framework for Action (BFA) and UNESCO´s Recommendations for Adult Learning (RALE) and how these can reinforce the commitment to the universal right to education and learning and how it can support the achievement of other SDGs.

In order to appraise progress in the implemtation of the Belém Framework for Action, it was discussed what can be celebrated, what are the enabling factors and which recommendations can be formulated, based on regional reports.

Based on the three thematic areas of RALE:

  • Literacy and basic skills
  • Professional development and vocational skills
  • Liberal/popular/community education and active citizenship skill,

The participants of the Forum analyzed these regional discussions and developed a global synthesis from the perspective of civil society organisations.

The Civil Society Forum was also organized as a platform for civil society to strategize on its advocacy within the MTR processes and other related education and development policy arenas. A Civil Society Statement for the CONFINTEA VI Mid-Term Review was formulated and distributed.

It is available in English, in Spanish and in French.


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